Manuel Correa
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Archival Material


1 Three different representations of Atl-Tlachinolli (Burning Water) in ancient codexes. 

2 The chapel of Guadalupe in El Peñón de los Baños is amongst the oldest in Mexico City. It is housed inside the hot-spring “medicinal water” complex, and was historically used by pilgrims and the ill during their stay in the spa.

3 This representation of St. Gerome was badly damaged when a group of neighbours from the locality decided to attack it with white paint.

Based on Research by 
David Somellera

Audino Diaz

Produced & Directed by
Manuel Correa

Coproduced by
David Somellera
Emil Olsen

Original Music
Mohammad Safa

Sound edition & mix
Emil Olsen

Asistant Director
Jacobo Zambrano

Signe Tørå Karsrud
Daniel Holten

Manuel Correa

Project (for a film and an exhibition)
~ The Antropologist, the witch and the skull in the well.

The Anthropologist, The Witch and the Skull in the Well is an experimental ethnographic documentary exploring oral tradition and failing memory in Mexico City’s Peñón de los Baños neighbourhood.

In the year 1959, Facundo Rodriguez and his cousin were digging a well in their Mexico City backyard, to find a perfectly preserved 13,000 year old skull that challenged the current theories of the peopling of the americas. This skull was named The Woman from Peñón III.

In January 2018, together with anthropologist David Somellera we set out to carry documentary field work in El Peñón de los Baños, in order to find any additional oral stories or information regarding the discovery of the Woman from Peñón III. 

The Anthropologist, The Witch and the Skull in the Well is currently in post-production.