Directed by
Manuel Correa

Produced by
Emil Nygard Olsen

Coproduced by
Anna Kasko
Cavo Kernich

Original Music
Cayne McKenzie

Sound edition & mix
Emil Nygard Olsen

Asistant Director
Joseph Strohan

Jon Peters
Joseph Strohan
Mike Burnside

Maxime Cyr-Morton
Manuel Correa
Joseph Schweers

Emil Nygard Olsen
Manuel Correa
Joseph Schweers


Distributed by IndiePix Films

Norway. 60 minutes, Colour. HDVIDEO

Screenings (selected)

2015. Bergen International Film Festival. Bergen, Norway
2015. Kabuso Kunsthal. Norway
2016. Bomuldsfabrikken Kunsthal. Arendal Norway
2016. Museo Tamayo. Mexico
2016. Lo Schermo dell Arte Film Festival. Florence. Italy
2016. Palazzo Grassi. Venice. Italy
2016. il cinema del carbone. Mantova. Italy
2016. Museo de Arte Moderno de Medellín. Colombia
2016. A4 Centre for Contemporary Culture.  Slovakia
2016. TranzitDisplay Gallery. Prague Czech Republic
2016. Kunsternes Hus. Kunsthogskole i Oslo, Norway
2016. International Film Festival Rotterdam, Netherlands
2016. Presentation House Gallery, Vancouver. Canada.
2016. Studium Generale Reitveld Academie. Bots, Bodies, Beasts. Amsterdam.
2016. Mengi. Reykjavík, Iceland.
2016. Museum Boijmans van Beunigen, Rotterdam. Netherlands
2019. Interlocutories Seminar. Spike Berlin. Germany.


2015-16. 8th Norwegian Sculpture Biennial. Vigeland Museet, Oslo, Norway

2018. Fake Art. Fake Museum. Fake You. Norsk Nasjonal Museet. Oslo, Norway

~ #artoffline (2015)

-“Contemporary art is at a standstill, and partially because of technology” -  

︎ Mohammad Salemy

“In 2015, making selfies is part of the experience of visiting a museum. Digital technology has completely transformed the experience of art forever; #ARTOFFLINE provides an insider's view of the contemporary art-world, and explores the significance of audiences choosing experience art primarily through digital devices.

This documentary illustrates the ways in which digital technologies are also creating new audiences, and a participatory culture that exists outside of traditional elite spaces for art.  Filmed in Vancouver, Köln, Colombia, Oslo and during the 8th Berlin Biennale for Contemporary art, the artist and director Manuel Correa takes us behind the scenes, and provides a glimpse inside the minds that are already shaping the art of tomorrow.”

“Directed by young Colombian visual artist and filmmaker  Manuel Correa, #artoffline premiered in 2015 and has been to international film festivals since 2016. It’s now 2020 and so this is no longer a new film. However, not much has changed in the art world in the past five years and with the new coronavirus, the issues Correa discussed then are worth our serious attention now.

︎ Napat Charitbutra, for Art4D, 2020

“ As #artoffline explores, the Internet has been seen by artists either as a transformative tool (think Instagram) or as a roadblock (again, think Instagram). Yet even with the Internet’s ascendency, cinema is the only remaining mainstream art form of our culture.

︎ Aaron Peck, for Canadian Art, 2017

“With the documentary #artoffline, shown as part of the Norwegian Sculpture Biennial, the director Manuel Correa seeks to challenge art’s problematic relationship with the Internet.”

︎ Erlend Hammer, for Kunstkritikk, 2015

”¿Qué sucede con el arte en la era del Internet? Los filósofos, artistas y curadores entrevistados en el documental Artoffline (2015) creen que la reproducción digital del arte lo puede liberar de un mercado de arte complicado y un sistema de exhibición desigual....”

︎ Artischock, 2016