Bogoshorts Film Festival. 2022.

Based on Research by
David Somellera

Audino Diaz
Facundo Rodríguez

Produced by
Emil Olsen
Manuel Correa
David Somellera

Sound edition & mix
Emil Olsen

Location Recordings
Jacobo Zambrano

Assistant Editors
Signe Tørå Karsrud
Daniel Holten

Director, Editor, Camera
Manuel Correa

~ Peñoncito.

Peñón de los Baños, Mexico City

Local elder Don Facundo Rodriguez attempts in vain to recall the story of the day he discovered a human skull in his backyard which was later revealed to belong to the earliest known inhabitant of the Americas.

With a sense of dread, he instead remembers encountering a crying legless woman hovering in mid-air near the dig site, calling to his mind a witch that is known to appear and disappear in Peñon to mark significant occasions. The 90-year old still carries a grudge towards his late cousin Pedro Cedillo who delivered the skull to the museum of anthropology without his consent. Now deceased, Pedro Cedillo himself is impossible to trace on account of there being many Pedro Cedillos buried in the local cemetery. In Manuel Correa’s odd chronicle of rumors and distant memories, questions and answers play tricks on each other - All of this invites us to ask, how much of our own history is fiction?

“ En esta entrevistal, el director de cine habló sobre la memoria y su película más reciente “Peñoncito”, que también se relaciona con este tema y fue rodada en México.”

Laura Camila Arévalo Dominguez, for El Espectador, December 2022